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When To Hire An Expert Witness

expert witness

In the simplest terms, an expert witness is a person who testifies in a trial because of their vast knowledge in a subject or field that is pertinent to the case.

There are only five significant categories of expert witnesses: financial, forensic, medical, mental health, and vocational. However, within each of those categories, the witness usually has a specific concentration like fraud in the financial realm or toxicology in the forensic realm.

Here we further discuss the role of expert witnesses and when it is a good idea to hire one.

Understanding Expert Witnesses

Not all legal cases require an expert witness, but they are often a valuable asset to add evidence and testimony or opinions to the case. Here are some of the things they can do for you:

  • Explain Data

    One of the main advantages of hiring an expert witness is that they are able to break down complicated scientific evidence, concepts, and theories in a way that the jury can better understand.

  • Impartial Information

    Another advantage of hiring an expert witness is that because they do not have any personal ties to the case, they can provide impartial information the jury can trust. While legal counsel can give compelling information, expert witnesses remain unbiased.

  • Expert Information

    The more specialized the expert witness is in their field, the better they can relate to your case. For example, if a trial focuses on marijuana, it would be better to hire a witness trained in toxicology over one trained in pathology.

Hiring An Expert

Finding the right expert for your case can take time. While your attorney may know the perfect witness, it is crucial to explore your options. Hiring a witness early on is your best bet, as it will give them an ample amount of time to prepare for the case. While it is necessary that they are an expert in the field, it is also important that they become well vexed in all aspects of your case.

Also, hiring your witness early on allows for the maximum amount of preparation.

When To Hire A Forensic Toxicology Expert Witness

Forensic Toxicologists can prove to be vital witnesses as they have the education needed to process urine, blood, or hair follicles to determine if there are drugs or alcohol present in the system. Understanding toxicology reports is complicated and chances are the judge and jury will not have the skills or resources to do so.

In cases involving drugs and alcohol, it is especially crucial for the expert to deliver the information that makes it easier for the jury to come to a verdict and the judge comes to a sentencing agreement. Hiring an expert witness like Okorie Okorocha means hiring someone with the education and experience to interpret evidence while also providing their expert opinion.

Not only has Okorocha served as an expert forensic toxicology witness in over 280 cases, but he also has two master’s degrees in toxicology and pharmacology and is board certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy (NBTA). If you feel your case could benefit from an expert forensic toxicology witness, it is also essential to consider their published works, speeches, and their awards and grants.

For example, Okorocha has been published in several journals and spoken at different conferences. He has also been recognized as one of the National Black Lawyers Top 100. If you feel that your case can benefit from hiring an expert forensic toxicology witness, call Okorie Okorocha today at (424)-363-3347!

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