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The Benefits Of Having An Expert Witness On Your Side

Expert Witness

Every court case is different, meaning the experts the case requires will vary, whether for the benefit of the prosecution or defense. Hiring an expert witness means that there will be someone with a deep understanding of the subject under litigation to weigh in on the case. Cases often heavily depend on the testimony from the character witness, which is why it is beneficial to have one on your side.

What Expert Witnesses Do

Expert witnesses testify and bring deposition to a trial in an area where they are knowledgeable. Commonly, they are brought into court to explain exhibits, give a more in-depth testimony to the subject in question, and also testify why facts presented in the case are inherently true or false. Other duties that an expert witness may perform are reviewing information pertinent to the case, such as drawings or accounts. If a lawyer does not have an inherent knowledge of the evidence and facts required to prove the case, hiring an expert witness is a vital asset.

Types Of Experts

Finding the right expert witness for a case can be demanding, as you may need a specific witness. To better find the witness you need, these are the major categories of experts:

  • Forensic Expert Witnesses

    These are experts who deal with cases concerning law and criminal acts. Ranging from ballistic experts and blood splatter analysts to psychologists and biologists, forensic experts help to prove the logistics and details of the case.

  • Financial Expert Witness

    These are experts who deal with financial details of the case such as accounting, tax evasion or fraud, or money laundering. They are also useful in probate court to best determine the exact division of assets.

  • Medical Expert Witnesses

    These are the most used experts as they can be called to testify on anything from medical malpractice to personal injury suits. Medical experts are commonly doctors or nurses but can also include therapists or technicians.

  • Vocational Experts

    These are experts who specialize whether a person can return to work and the capacity which they may do so. Vocational experts are most often called upon the use of the Social Security Department due to lost wages and workers’ compensation.

  • Engineering Experts

    These are experts who decide if a product follows manufacturing safety protocols. Engineering experts can also play a crucial role in manufacturing and design. They often have the expertise to handle copyright claims.

  • Mental Health

    While a mental health expert witness is similar to a medical witness, they are more capable of understanding if a witness can stand trial. They often determine when a defendant can be held as mentally insane.

  • Forensic Toxicologist

    This is an expert who can provide in-depth testimony on drug or alcohol-related cases. Hiring a competent forensic toxicologist like Okorie Okorocha means having someone who can expertly test fluids and tissues within the body to determine the presence of chemicals like alcohol, prescription drugs, illegal drugs, poisons, or gasses such as carbon monoxide.

Benefits Of Hiring An Expert Witness

Being an expert in their field is not the only benefit of hiring an expert witness, other advantages include:

  • Experts Are Impartial

    Possibly the best benefit of hiring an expert witness is that they must remain impartial in the case to represent their findings and evidence accurately. Holding a high code of ethics in their field means more trust in their testimony.

  • Offer Evidence Insight

    Even if the case may seem straightforward, expert witnesses provide facts to the court and jury that they may not have thought about. Often, this can lead to a break in the case such as proving an alibi or disproving motive.

  • Have Practical Experience

    Becoming an expert witness is more than just being outstanding in their field. They must have the right education and training to prove their credibility. Having awards and grants in their field helps to establish their credibility.

Expert Forensic Toxicologist Witness In Los Angeles

If you find yourself or a client in need of an expert witness in forensic toxicology, look no further than Okorie Okorocha. With over 280 trials, certification through the National Board of Trial Advocacy (NBTA), and many other distinctions, he provides expert evidence the court can trust. Contact us today!

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