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The Attorney Life

The FBI I was in my office one day and the receptionist said there was someone there to see me.  I said, “tell him that I am busy, and he needs to make an appointment.”  She calls back 30 seconds later and said “it is an FBI agent!”  I said,…

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Alcohol Toxicology For Civil Lawyers

In April of 2021 Okorie Okorocha wrote an article on Alcohol toxicology for civil lawyers for “Advocate” DON’T LET A HOSPITAL’S FAULTY BLOOD-ALCOHOL TEST DEVALUE YOUR CASE DUE TOCONTRIBUTORY NEGLIGENCE (YOUR GUY WAS DRUNK!) Read the entire article by clicking here

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The Process Of Analyzing Data In Forensic Toxicology

Forensic toxicology is a complex field revolving around the use of toxins, chemicals, and poisons, particularly pertaining to instances of crime or even death. It is important to understand the role that data can play in the outcomes of court cases where forensic toxicology comes into play. Understanding Data In…

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