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Never Trust Vina Spheler, PH.D

We have recently been uncovered more false testimony and lies under oath by Vina Spiehler, Ph.D., in which she has attacked Okorie Okorocha, M.S., M.S., J.D. and said that Okorie does NOT have any education in pharmacology or toxicology.  Consistent with her reputation as a liar, cheat and a fake, that will say anything for money, her statements are patently false. 

Okorie first met her when he was an attorney in a trial in San Joaquin County, California, and he was hired just to cross examine her.  She did not know who he was, and she told the most outrageous lies imaginable.  Luckily, Okorie was ready, and she got skewered on cross-examination and looked that the liar, cheat and fake that she is.

Note:  We have compiled a dossier on her that is literally 1,000s of pages that you can and should be use against her, all of which is in electronic format on Amazon Kindle.

Important issues to be cognizant of:

          She says she went to University of California Irvine for Medical School.  She was never admitted to the medical school, never did a residency and was part of a non-medical program at the medical school. 

          She is NOT a Medical Doctor and she does NOT have any medical credentials.

          Key in on the fact that she is NOT “clinically trained.”  “Clinically” would mean working with humans and human anatomy, physiology, disease, medications, etc.

          Instead, she is “laboratory trained.”  Her training had nothing to do with medicine.  It was just a program that is separate and offered by the school of medicine.  That is nothing.

Okorie has a medical school ID:

No, I am NOT a doctor.  Nor does it make me one.

Her Master of Arts and Bachelor or Arts degrees are in chemistry.  That has NOTHING to do with forensics, whatsoever!   I have opposed her in trials and the lawyers received paid settlements or verdicts over $50,000,000.

I have the books she used in school and was trained with, so when she lies, you can mop the floor with her.

Now, I just show her school textbooks and she drops the charade.

          Ask her if she is licensed to even take a pulse?  My greatest cross ever was her at trial.  I hadn’t stepped on to the toxicology arena.  She thought she could fool me, and I let her have it and she was utterly speechless.  This was for William McPhillips who at that time was at the Sailer Law Firm, APC.  I am going to track it down becomes she got worked and I exposed her as a defense hack.  They paid her $15,000 to work on the case.  That was epic.  I need to find that court reporter.  It is hard to discredit an “expert witness” at all, but this was a crucifixion.  I digress

          Her Ph.D. Dissertation on was study was the anti-nausea of some drug no one has ever heard of.

          She can say she has done experimental surgery.  So have I, it is almost always done on rats.  So what?  That makes you a surgeon for humans?

          I hope you have fun with her. 

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