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5 Tips to Avoid DUIs this New Years

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Get a DUI Expert Witness or Simply Avoid DUIs?

With the holiday season upon us, many people will be enjoying parties and gatherings. Unfortunately, this often means over-indulgence and drunk driving. So instead of spending your Christmas vacation looking for an expert witness for your DUI case, play it safe and avoid DUIs altogether.

1. Watch your Drinking
Everyone thinks that they know their limit. But what you feel is your limit is a different thing to the legal limit. In the United States, the legal limit for blood alcohol content is .08%. Depending on your size, weight, and the alcohol consumed, that level can easily be reached with only a drink or two.

It’s especially easy when holiday parties offer punches, and you have no idea how much alcohol your hosts have used in these drinks. So take it easy when refilling your glass.

If you’re out at a party, keep alcohol consumption to a minimum, or choose to abstain altogether if you know you’ll be driving later.

2. Don’t Do Drugs Either
This should go without saying, but you can also be pulled over and arrested for a DUI if you’re under the influence of other substances or drugs.

You may think this isn’t a problem for you, but remember that many prescription medications can hamper your motor skills or make you drowsy. These effects are often exacerbated by alcohol. So, even if you’ve only had one drink, if you’re mixing prescription meds with alcohol, it could spell disaster.

3. Get a Designated Driver
If you know you’re going to need to drive home from a party after drinking, the smartest choice is to have a designated driver. You can share the duty with a friend – you’ll cover driving for Christmas if they’ll do New Years, for example.

Nowadays, with so many ride-share apps and taxi companies, there’s no excuse not to get a sober driver to take you home.

4. Just Stay the Night
Obviously this one might not work if you’re going to a soirée at your boss’s house. But if you’re partying with friends and relatives you know, ask if you can stay the night.

Crashing on the couch when you’re inebriated is a smart option. People who care about you would rather know you’re safe than send you out to drive home drunk. Just remember that you can still have alcohol in your system the morning after a big bash, so give yourself enough time to be completely sober before driving.

5. Don’t Believe the Urban Legends
There are so many myths about how to sober up quickly, or how to cheat a breathalyzer test.

Having a cold shower or drinking coffee may make you feel awake in the moment, but these are temporary fixes and they don’t actually remove alcohol from your blood stream. Similarly, using mouthwash, garlic, or curry powder to try to mask alcohol on your breath simply doesn’t work.

Safety First
DUIs and alcohol-related traffic accidents increase over the festive season. Even if you think you’re fine to drive after a few drinks, remember that there are others on the road who may be intoxicated. Having your wits about you can help you prevent fatal accidents. However, if you do find yourself in a DUI scenario, contact us straight away for expert help with your case.

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