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Okorie Okorocha has two Master’s Degrees in toxicology and pharmacology. Highly knowledgeable in the areas of Toxicology and Pharmacology, Okorie Okorocha has served as a drug and alcohol expert witness in over 565 trials, helping juries understand complex scientific concepts and ensuring that proper procedures are carried out in the case before the court. He has qualified as an expert witness in forensic toxicology and pharmacology in 51 of the 56 California counties, as well as 23 U.S. states and internationally in Germany and Japan.

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Okorie has been the lead counsel in over 100 jury trials in Federal and State Court. His extensive trial experience includes trials in the following areas:

Personal Injury, Employment Law, Criminal Defense and Entertainment Law.

Okorie’s favorite case is one in which he was lead counsel for Rich McLellan, M.D. vs. County of Mendocino, California, in which Okorie forced the County of Mendocino, California, to  change the law which stopped the County of Mendocino, California, from euthanizing dogs and cats in violation of California law.  Okorie usually tells people that he has taken the most lives off death row. They may be 4-legged lives but still impressive!

Malibu Sniper Sentenced 119 Years for Killing Camping Father in Front of Kids

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Nationally Board-Certified Criminal Trial Lawyer
Nationally Board-Certified Civil Trial Lawyer
The only California lawyer Board-Certified in both Civil Trial Law and Criminal Trial Law as of July 2023.
Member:  The National Black Lawyers Top 100

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Okorie Okorocha was pivotal in securing a landmark victory in a tenant rights case, where the jury awarded a $1.3 million verdict and punitive damages. The punitive damages were settled for an additional $700,00 for a total judgment of $2 million. In a David and Goliath legal battle spanning a…

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Simpson Rips Jones

Publishing Original Scientific Research In 1997, Dr. Simpson was searching the scientific literature on alcohol and discovered several irregularities in work by AW Jones. An article published by Jones and Neri [1] in 1991 stated that the experimental work was reported in an earlier article published by Kelly, Myrsten, Neri,…

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Malibu Sniper Sentenced 119 Years for Killing Camping Father in Front of Kids  

Congratulations to Nick Okorocha for his success in obtaining many acquittals in an impossible trial.

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