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Monthly Archives: September 2015

forensic toxicology

Testing and Toxicology of Designer Drugs

Forensic Toxicology of Designer Drugs There are several goals of forensic toxicologists, including improving methods to identify and analyze samples from a person that may indicate a presence of drugs. This type of service can be used in a number of scenarios, from murder investigations, to employee drug testing, to…

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Drug Toxicology: Impairment & Driving

Driving while under the influence of drugs (DUID) is a serious and potentially fatal offense. Part one of this drug toxicology series will focus on what happens if a person is caught driving under the influence of drugs, the forensic tests needed as well as the challenges that arise when…

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Drug Testing: Sweat Patches 101

Analysis of biological fluids and tissues provide the most reliable method to documenting human drug exposure. The chemical analysis of human sweat in the form of drug testing sweat patches has become an effective method of monitoring drug use over an extended period of time. The sensitivity, specificity and reliability…

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NarcoPouch Test False Positive Dilemma

From as early as the 1900’s, police and investigators across the United States have used NarcoPouch tests to detect illegal drugs and substances. The NarcoPouch test offers a simple and easy way to detect illicit substances; officers simply have to drop the suspected sample into the pouch and watch for…

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